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Making a Living Selling your Arts and crafts:  A Beginner’s Guide


How to begin generating income with your art or craft.

The question is, “how do I get started”?

This book is a guide to selling your art or craft.

Whether you want to supplement your current income or a full time income, here are sales opportunities for you to tap into.

For over 30 years I’ve marketed my work by retailing, wholesaling, arts & craft fairs, niche marketing, the internet and commission work.

Put this experience to work for you and begin generating income from your work..

Table of Contents

Consignment Sales
Shows I’ve Done
Your Own Retail Shop
The Internet and You
Wholesaling Your Work
Niche Marketing
Commission Work
Another Business Model
Pricing Your Work
Displaying Your Work
Photographing your Work
Brochures, Point of Purchase Cards
Investing in You
Taxes, Licenses, and Insurance
The Economy
You Have A Skill
The Individual and the Art or Craft Progression

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Making a Living with Your Arts and Crafts:  A Beginner’s Guide