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This is a beginner’s guide to the tools for metal sculpture.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “what tools do I need to do metal sculpture”?

This is the 2nd Edition of “Tools for Metal Sculpture, A Beginner’s Guide”.

I’ve made my living with metal sculpture for over 40 years so I have a pretty good idea of what tools are needed.

I started out in 1967 with just some basic tools. When I started making a living through metal sculpture in 1973 I began adding more tools.

My goal is for you to be able to make informed choices.

In this edition I’ve add more photos so that are now over 90 photographs..

Within specific tool categories there are links to 20 of my YouTube videos where you can see the tools and how I use them.

Included are tools that you can make yourself at little or no cost.

I’ve tried to approach this as if I was giving myself advise when I got my first torch back in 1967. I really didn’t know much and I bought tools that just didn’t work out. That meant that I was spending money which would have been better spent on tools I could use.

You can put my experience to work and save yourself time, money and frustration.

You can see from the Table of Contents that this comprehensive.

At the end of the book I lay out a list of tools that I feel are essential to get started. Then another list of tools that I’d suggest adding later.

Table of Contents
Basic Hand Tools
Brazing Welding Table
Table Vice
Drill Press Vices
The 4 Inch and 4 ½ Inch Grinder
Amps = Power
Drill Press
Cutting Tools
Hot Cutting
Plasma Cutting
Cold Cutting
5” Table Shear
12” Table Shear
Heinrich Bar Cutter
Foot Shear
Swivel Head Shear
The Jig Saw
Cutting with an Abrasive Disc
Working Sheet Metal
Combination Square
Sheet Metal Brake
Hand Seamer
12″ Three in One Sheet Metal Tool
Increase thickness of Copper
16 oz. Copper
Air Tools ( Pneumatic)
Die Grinders
Tools you can make
Wire Brush on a Motor
Diameters (Forming Circles)
Ball Pein Hammers
Veining Reciprocating Hammer
Small Parts Bender
The Arc Bender
Copper Forming Blocks
If I were just starting out: Tools to start with.

Online Tool Resources

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Tools for Metal Sculpture:  A Beginner’s Guide

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