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Forming Copper:  A Beginner’s Guide


This is an introduction to the basics of forming copper.  Since 1973 I have made my living designing, crafting and selling metal sculpture; using copper in conjunction with other metals.

Copper is a malleable metal allowing the artist or craftsperson to take what they see in their mind and bring it into form.  I am not a copper smith by trade so the techniques I describe are for the lay person and thus non-technical.

What’s described and shown are the techniques I use to form copper.  Included are simple copper forming tools that the average person can easily make at little or no cost.   Included are over 40 photos or illustrations.

Table of Contents

What is Copper?
Price of Copper
Where I Buy Copper
Metal Warehouses
Metal Recyclers:
Roofing Shops
Buying on the Internet:
Copper Tubing
Soft Copper in Coils
Rigid Copper Tubing
Cutting Sheet Copper
Annealing Copper
Tools for Forming Copper
The Stump
Forming Mallets
Copper Bowl
A Simple Forming Tool
Making Louvers
Finishing Copper
Acid for Cleaning Copper
Flame Coloring Copper
Sheet Metal Brake

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Forming Copper:  A Beginner’s Guide