Tools & Equipment

Below are some of the tools and equipment that I use in my shop with descriptions.  I will keep adding to this list. 

3′ x 4′ welding / brazing table.  1/2″ hot rolled steel.  Video Available >

This is the table that I use.  When I first started my table was 24″ square.  Eventually I graduated to this size.  The video shows how to use a heat sink to keep your table from warming from the heat.

welding table

Complete Oxygen Acetylene Brazing, Welding and Cutting Outfit.  Video Available >

complete set

Oxygen Acetylene Cylinders.

Oxygen acetylene cylinders come in a variety of sizes.  The size you choose is dependent on how much you are going to use the torch and how size of your torch.  For example, if you are going to be welding and cutting heavy steel, you will want larger cylinders.  If you are doing jewelry you will want small cylinders.

oxy ace cylinders

Welding Brazing Tips.   Video Available >

Generally a oxygen acetylene outfit will come with one or two tips.  eventually you will want to add to your tip selection.  “000” is the smallest and the #3 is the largest I use.

brazing tips

Basic Hand Tools

I’m sure you already have a selection of hand tools.  If I use a hand tool, especially a cutting tool like shears or snips, I will buy the best.  If I seldom use a specific hand tool I will buy the least expensive.

hand tools

Small Table Vice

I have a larger vice but for videos I’ve found it more convenient to clamp this vice to the edge of the table.  What I have discovered is that this vice is more than adequate for almost everything that I do.  As you can see it is a 3 1/2″ vice.


4 or 4 1/2″ Angle Grinder

A 4 or 4 1/2″ Angle Grinder is a must for the home shop.  As mentioned elsewhere, think of this tool as a power source.  You can use a grinding wheel, a wire brush, a cut off disc, etc.

boesh grinder

Bench Shear or Plate Shear  Video Available >

grizzly shear

Wire Brush on  a Motor

I use this on almost every piece I do.  It is a used motor which an arbor or “shaft extender” and a wire brush.  This motor is well over 30 years old and I have cleaned up thousand of pieces of sculpture.

wire brush on motor

Gas Saver

This wouldn’t be the first thing that I would buy, but when you have the money it is an excellent investment.

It will save you gas, but most importantly for me is that it is convenient and speeds up my work considerably.

gas saver

Air Compressor

I’d suggest buying an air compressor just a little larger than you need.

air ccompressor

Air Die Grinders 

These are air driven die grinders.  The term “die grinder” is a bit mist leading.  I’ve seen die grinders for as little as $10.00.  They are so inexpensive because they do not have an electric motor.  If you have an air compressor you can use these for buffing, wire brushing, with a sanding tube, grinding and sanding and as a cut off tool..

die grinders

 Bench Grinder

A small grinder is almost a necessity in the home shop.

8 inch grinder

 Drill Press  

This is an inexpensive drill press.  If you think of the drill press as a power source it makes it a very versatile tool.  You can put a buffing pad, wire brush, deburring bit, sanding tube and on and on.

drill press

 Small Table Top Anvil

I have a large anvil but find this small anvil is perfect for working on smaller pieces.

hammering for effect

Small Table Top Brake  18″  Video Available >

I’ve had this brake for over 30 years and it has been a good brake.  Although the 30″ brake below is higher quality.

18 inch brake

30″ table Top Brake   Video Available >

Video shows a 18″ & this 30″ brake.  These are excellent for the home shop.

sheet metal brake

Reciprocating Saw

If you have a reciprocating saw you can use it to cut metal.  Not recommended for sheet metal.  I use it mostly for cutting off 1/4″ steel and above.

reciprocating saw

Throatless Shear   

throatless shear

Bar Folder  Video Available  >

bar folder

The bar folder is a specialized sheet metal forming brake.