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The Basics

brazing   getting started forming copper   finishes and finishing


 trees   maple leaves   cattails dogwood  lawn & garden 2nd edition

Small Sculptures

small sculptures bubble blowers small bicycle  copper butterflies golf

Mid Century Sculptures

cut nails  RG 45

Steel Sculptures

Steel SCulpture #1  Steel Sculpture #2  Steel Disc

Bicycle Sculptures

small bicycle   american racer lg hw  Ride in the Park

road bike part 1   road bike part 2

 General Brazing

oxygen acetylene brazing  Henrob DHC 2000

The Americana Series

To do the “Family Farm”, “All Aboard” & “The Bank Barn”, you will need the following 7 videos.

family farm  train station  bank barn

small implements #1  small implements #2  trees  small sculptures